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Online interactions have fanned the romantic flame Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 2.00.02 pm

A lot of the mystery we’ve typically associated with romance is not as strong as it used to be.

We are now hiding behind our screens with spell-check and emoticons. We would rather type a carefully crafted message than risk a face-to-face conversation that may lead to an embarrassing moment or awkward silence. But these risky, vulnerable moments and spontaneous conversations are essential to the…

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A man’s guide to dating: Book reviews Photo credit: Sergey Sus / Foter

While love doesn’t come with an instruction manual, these books have some tips to improve your game in the dating scene; or rather, advice on what you should never do.

  Photo credit: Thomas Hawk / Foter

Being shot down countless times by women can drain the confidence from any man. So what’s a guy got to do to land a date? These books let us in on how to deal with the battlefields of dating.

Matt Kuhn’s The Playbooktries to…

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Setting a date with a Sugar Momma

Setting a date with a Sugar Momma

Setting a date with a Sugar Momma

With just a click of the mouse, there are more and more niche dating sites to cater for single men and women. Veggie Romance, Asian8 and Jewish singleton are just a few among the growing trend of dating sites. But now, young men seeking rich older women are targeted by the latest entrant into the $100 million dating services industry: sugar mommas.

Like Seeking…

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A modern day Cinderella story #FindClauco

A modern day Cinderella story #FindClauco

He may not have left a shoe behind, but Erica Domesek’s prince charming certainly left an impression that made her go above and beyond to find him.

Sitting in first class travelling from Dallas, Texas to Calgary, Canada, Erica became acquainted with the handsome stranger she sat beside on the flight. After hitting it off, it seemed Erica was hopelessly in love because it was only when they parted…

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